Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentines Day

Seriously, if you want to say love...Bailey's. And/or a handwritten note to your favorite barista. This is truly the best way to ensure your drink is going to be top notch, booze baby and love (wink)....although if you are to give us just one...
Your staff for the day dedicated to Saint Valentino include the all star team of Teale, Carolynne, Ryan and Dana (she will be hangin in the back). Enjoy us while you can as we are limited editions.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the awesome coffee and the big smiles every morning!!! You guys rock!

Happy Valentines Day :)

arbutuscoffee said...

awe thank you! For visiting the blog, leaving a comment and just simply being you!
Happy Valentines back atcha **wink**