Sunday, November 30, 2008


Right so what we have here is a blog about the best lil' coffee shop in Kits.

I've been working here for almost two years and am curious about the community that has taken place within these walls. Roughly 85-90% of our business is supported by "regulars", all you crazy folks comin' in every day or at least every week or some sporadically throughout the year, but we know who you are so that makes you a regular, duhduhduh. And our demographic seems to include the young and old. Some...well most of you are predictable in your choices and some are kind of particular, weirdos. Who are you people, where are you coming from and why the heck do you keep coming back? And there are those who say "oh, I've always seen this place but I never get a chance to come in, blahblahblah" and then you do, and then you do again and again and again. As much as the staff would like to believe it's because of our sexy bodies, intellect and witty banter we know there has got to be another element keeping you here. Perhaps it's what we slip into the drinks, who knows. I digress.... this blog is a small glimpse into ... the days of your lives.

coffee speaks that's wut!